The Project

The project emerged from a purely aesthetic perspective: to capture the beauty, hidden to outsider´s eyes, of the sexual act. Although the conception of the project had no claim for a specific aspiration, has become a claim by itself. A claim towards the beauty of intimacy and a provocation.

The interesting thing about this project is that it´s extensive, which means, that it´s open to anyone who wants to participate.
The couples of lovers are in an immaculate room alone, where all the comforts are arranged so that they spend a pleasant moment.
They enjoy sex or a playful game while a shower of specially designed paint falls over them. It´s a wonderful and funny sexual fantasy experience to share with friends or with your partner. You can also choose paints with different flavors, so that everything turns out to be much tastier.

I capture this hidden beauty and trap it using different technical processes in high resolution pictures, so you can enjoy your own sexual beauty or contemplate someone´s else.

Interested or curious about it?