About The Artist

Over the years my work was developed in different stages, medias and frames. I´m considered a multidisciplinary artist for expressing my artistic statement through a rainbow of different media such as performance, electronic music production, video art and video clip and photography.
I have taken my art through political and socially committed phases, like the Dirty Princess electro punk project, which took place in the first decade of the 2000. Results of that wonderful period, just to give some examples, are the controversial pieces like, “Jugar al revés”, “Dios”, “The Body Control Tour“, and the documentary “Dirty Princess – mit brennenden Höschen gegen das Parfüm des Kapitals” by german movie director Thomas Lauterbach.

After the Storm, from 2008 till 2017 I fled towards the “naïve” and plunged into the Pop aesthetic, as is the case with the Yasmin Gate project. Result of this period, are productions such as Radio, Spinning Around, Lips.

Solo show´s and art performances in art galleries:
Filetes PorteñosDirektorenhaus Berlin 2011
Feed the Birds – Direktorenhaus Berlin 2011
Ego Trip – Photo España 2003

Now I present a new alter ego.
Please welcome Vita Hod.
I stop being a protagonist to satisfy my other passion.
I stop being a protagonist to become a voyeur.